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Locost Links

If Solo 2 is your thing and you want to run with a locost this is the group.

Locostbuilders Forum
A forum dedicated to the Locost

Project Seven
Jeff Underwood site, this is where I got the idea for the mumford link.

Mcsorley locost page
Jim Mcsorley webpage, good source of chassis diagrams, both standard and modified frames. Plus a great builders list of around the world.

Toyotus Build
A series of galleries on a locost built with a Toyota drivetrain
A Texas Locost
Another Locost using a soloid axle with a mumford link in the back

Allen James CMC Seven
Another Locost built with a Toyota drivetrain

The Seven
Keith Tanners Cheapsportcar website

Ron's Locost build

A Canadian Locost

Toyota 4 AGE links

1600 AGE  Twin Cam
Toyota 4AGE and T50 Transmission page

The Toyota 4AGE Engine
Phil Bradshaw Engine and Tranny page

The Modified 4AGE Page

one of many 4AGE pages from Bill Sherwood's website

Terrapin Links

Rob Maknay build pictures
Rob was responsible with the publishing of the 40th Anniversary Edition of High Speed Low-Cost.   

Wayne Guile build page
Wayne's page show us his build progress from  the frame stage to the almost finished car

Darryl Seymour Terrapin
Some pictures of a Terrapin in New Zeland

Dean Robertson's Kawasaki engined Terrapin

Some Pictures of a Kawasaki Powered Terrapin

Mini Based Race Cars
Dougs page, very interesting and it has the story of a Formula ford conversion to Mini Power

Companies that I do bussiness with

Trac Racing Depot

Talon Tires

Afco Racing

Speedway Engineering