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A Terrapin is a Hillclimb car designed in the early sixties. It was an open wheel car that used the Austin Mini drive train behind the driver. What made the car special was that it could be built by ordinary people, be competitive and at an affordable price.  Allan Stanisforth one of the co creator of the car, wrote a book called High-Speed Low-Cost, the name might be familiar, since he is the author of several books.  The book was republishing in 2003 and I purchase a copy. Allan still sells the plans to the car, which I purchase a copy from him.

This project was put on hold for several factors. Working on several cars in the last few seasons including my Locost has taken time and resources from this project. I’ve also been much undecided to which direction to take this build, from motorcycle power to mini power, from standard frame, to fully modified, to standard again. 

I have settled to what it will be:  A Terrapin MK1, meaning, standard frame, with Mini power, built according to the plans. The only change will be to use 13 inches wheels and tires with a diameter of 20.6 inches, since they are more easily obtainable here in Canada. For me this car as a lot of significance, since it opened my eyes to building my own car. I also have a lot of respect for Allan and his work. I find great pleasure in reading his contributions to Race Car Engineering. I see a Mk1 as a tribute to these cars, I am able to run it in SoloSprints (Sprints, Solo1) and AutoSlalom (Solo2) here. I have the Locost for track days or whatever event the Terrapin might not be accepted.

Here is the Plan for 2007-2008

I will update this page as I progress trough my plan. My goal is to put has much pictures as possible with explanations. All Parts of this build will be broken down as projects and will be presented as such.

I am always looking for pictures and info on Terrapin. Please do not hesitate to send them to me at fpruneau at jawfishracing dot com

link to the Terrapin Forum

Link to pictures of a completed Mini powered Terrapin.