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Solo 2 D-Modified Locost:
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Motor: Toyota 4AGE
I personally think that 200 HP at the crank will be more than enough to be competitive.  With the 1.6 Litres engines getting a 100lbs weight break, it made sense to look for a small engine vs. a 1.8L-2.0L.  Solo 2 Racing is all about handling and carrying the speed, not brute acceleration or crazy horsepower.  Only Two engines came to mind: The Toyota 4AGE and the Mazda BP from the Miata. Both offer good development potential and have a good supply of parts to modify them. I chose the Toyota 4AGE. There some personal motivation behind that choice. I’m more of a Toyota fan than a Mazda fan, the engine powered the Toyota Atlantic series for more than 15 years and I was a big fan of that Serie.

The stock engine had about 115, so yes I intend to fully modify the engine. Some head work, new cams, new pistons, ITB's and new engine management system. I'm currently working on adapting some 2002 Suzuki GSXR 750 ITB to the engine. More can be seen on the link on the left entitled Project ITB. I've also pick up a Dry sump pan that needs some work on to be put back to use, yes that will be another project as well as the dry sump system.

Transmission: Toyota T50
This was an easy one. I didn’t want to spend time making adapters or looking at something too crazy. I chose to use the transmission that was originally mated to the 4AGE. If  you take into account the low weight of the unit 27KG i.e. 59 ½ lbs it’s a natural choice.

Differential: Toyota Corolla GTS

Project ITB