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Solo 2 D-Modified Locost:
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Project ITB's

2216TB This is the engine sitting in the chassis. The Toyota production intake manifold has some clearance issues, there are several modifications/solution documented on the web to resolve this. I wanted ITB (Individual Throttle Bodies) for my car, I figured that I might as well do it right away instead of hacking something and then doing it latter.
2219TB I ordered a piece of aluminium from Metaldepot.com, it’s 3/8 inch thick and 4 inches high. I ordered 4 foot since if I made a mistake I would have enough material for another one. I’m also planning to make a new alternator bracket with some of the offcuts.
2221TB To draw the flange contour I took my intake manifold gasket. As you can see the fabrication process should be interesting especially in mating the round tubes to the oval port. I have a few ideas and will explore them a little bit latter.
2223TB Here is my piece of aluminium, I sprayed some machinist blue and scribed the contour of my gasket. I tried my current band saw blade, but it wasn’t that effective, I`ll go and buy a new one…But first I’m going to drill all the holes and use my holesaw to cut the intake ports.
2224TB  I pick up a set of 2002 GSXR 750 ITB`s for the project. They are sufficient for 200 HP which is my target. for anything less I would have pick up the 600's . They are so cheap right that they are really hard to resist.
2226TB But first we need to get rid of the secondary butterfllies. They would be great for low RPM drivebility , but I'm building a race car... First I unscrewd the flaps.
Once all 4 butterflies were out of the way I tackled the electronic selenoid and the bracket on the other side. Once removed it was time to take the rod out of there. It is actullay two pieces conected in the middle. I took out my dremel tool and cut off both rods at the center ends. Once cut it was a breeze just to pull them out from each end
2223TB The finish product. Well for the moment. Now I'm going back to the intake manifold.