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Welcome to my web page,

This website is mainly focused on the construction of my Solo 2 Locost, more specifically built to the SCCA’s D-modified category. If you wish to know more about Solo 2 or the SCCA, I would invite you to visit their website at www.scca.com

I’ve decided to explain here more in details what I’m doing. On many instances I’ve encountered a few problems. It is the first car that I build from scratch. I know what I want; I just don’t know how to build it sometimes. Building a racecar is very different to modifying a road car to go racing.

Now before you go and copy some of these things, let me warn you: This car is a Race Car, by its nature Racing is a dangerous sport. I am not an engineer and many of these things have not been proven, if you do them it will be at your own risk. I am experimenting my ideas and theories, due to its nature the car will be taken apart, rebuild and modified almost on a yearly basis, it will never be finished. Yes one day I will put it away and build a new one because there won’t be any more development possible with the current chassis, the whole process will taken to the next level. Also some things will not be applicable to a road car for example the 2.5 inches ground clearance or the 4 gallon fuel cell.

I hope that you will find some of the information useful. Some topics will be broken down as projects, since they might not be Racecar or Locost specific or it might just make more sense to separate them from the main sections.

As always comments or questions are welcomed at fpruneau–at-jawfishracing-dot-com

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